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Pediatric Tooth Extractions
in Sunnyvale

Russell di Bari, DDS – Sunnyvale Tooth Extraction Specialist

In most cases, a tooth may need to be pulled when other less radical procedures, such as amalgams or restoration, make it impossible or imprudent to save your child’s original tooth.

Advanced anesthetic techniques today greatly minimize discomfort associated with a tooth extraction.

First, the area surrounding the tooth is numbed to lessen any discomfort. After the extraction, your child is given a regimen to follow to ensure that no infection occurs and gum tissues heal properly.

In most cases a small amount of bleeding is normal.

Have your child avoid anything that might prevent normal healing. This includes vigorous rinsing of the mouth vigorously or drinking through a straw (the sucking action may promote swelling and opening of the extraction site). These activities could also dislodge the clot and delay healing.

Sunnyvale’s Home for Pediatric Dentistry

In addition to providing pediatric tooth extractions, we also offer the following pediatric dental services to our Sunnyvale pediatric dental patients: pediatric dental crowns, pediatric root canals, pediatric fluoride treatment, pediatric dental filings, pediatric dental sealants and routine pediatric dental cleanings.

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